Why I Don’t Care if My Baby is “Spoiled”

You know what really aggravates me? When people talk about babies being “spoiled” or claiming that my child is “spoiled” in any way.


And here’s why…

Some common synonyms for the word “spoiled” are: “rotten,” “corrupted,” “ruined,” “wasted,” and “bad.”

By calling my baby spoiled, you are insinuating that there is something wrong with her… that she is less than perfect… that she is not as worthy as other babies.

Here’s the thing; our pediatrician, as well as countless other esteemed and reliable sources, have claimed that you CANNOT spoil a baby by holding her too much, interacting with her too much, or loving her too much.

If my baby wants to be held more than she likes to be sitting alone, does that mean she is “ruined?” If I am quick to respond to my baby’s cries by comforting her and calming her, does that mean I am “corrupting” her?

My baby is four-months-old. These four months have already flown by as I know the rest of her infancy will. If I don’t mind holding her, bouncing her, rocking her to sleep, showing her attention while she plays, then what is the problem? My baby is not “spoiled;” she is loved. She is cared for and even if no one else wants to hold her as often as I do, at least she will always understand the amount of love her mother has for her.

People always say “they’re only young once,” and that’s 100% true. I know the days will be coming soon when she would rather be toddling around on her own than sitting on my lap. I’ll probably be a little sad and wish that she’d let me hold her more, but I’m certain that I will NEVER look back at these days in hindsight and wish I had held her less.


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