Baby Items We Love (0-3 Months)

Between 0-3 months of age, babies don’t really do much. Mostly, they do a lot of eating, pooping, and sleeping. Still, there are several items we’ve found to be lifesavers over the first few months of our daughter’s life. Some are things she loves, some are things we love, and some are things that are just necessary to have around.

Here is our list of favorite baby items (ages 0-3 months).


81Aa678BEjL._SX425_First, we scanned this activity gym onto our baby registry because we like the fact that she can still play with it as she grows older. Even so, Briella has loved playing with this gym even since she was about 2 weeks old. The colors are bright and vibrant and capture her attention quickly and easily. She can spend a significant amount of time kicking around on this mat, which is great to buy a worn-out mom some time for a bathroom or snack break!


Not only is the Boppy Pillow a nursing essential, but Briella loves to “sit up” on her Boppy. She loves to talk to me and listen to me sing songs or read books to her when she’s propped on the Boppy. Also, she’s got a touch of reflux and needs to be kept upright for a while after she eats and the Boppy is perfect for that while she’s still a little too small for her Bumbo seat.



I wish we had this swing earlier when we brought Briella home from the hospital, but we didn’t get it until she was about 2 weeks old. Still, she loves it. It has 6 speed settings, several different music/sound options and can swing in 3 different directions. It also has a mobile that spins around a mirrored dome, which Briella is absolutely mesmerized by. She will stare and smile at that mobile forever. The swing has also put my baby to sleep on several occasions, which is kind of a big deal because she likes to fight her sleep and has to often be coerced into sleeping/napping.



We received a free sample of these bottles from Target when we created our baby registry. Once we had to start introducing Briella to a bottle, we tried 3 different kinds and this was our favorite. Briella took a bottle pretty early when she was around 2 weeks old, so we were a little worried about “nipple confusion” as they preached about in our breastfeeding class. She really didn’t seem to have any major problems switching from bottle to breast, but it seemed to go much more smoothly after she had been given the Latch bottle. The bottle’s nipple is wide and encourages the baby to suck more naturally as they would on the breast. It also has an anti-colic valve in the bottom which is easier to clean and assemble than the ones in other anti-colic bottles, like Dr. Brown’s.



During the 0-3 month stage, babies don’t really play with a lot of toys. There seem to be a select few that have actually captured Briella’s attention and kept her entertained for quite some time. This piano happens to be one of them! Ever since Briella was born, she has seemed to love music… and kicking those little legs! So, naturally, this would be her favorite toy since it combines her 2 favorite things. The “piano keys” can easily be triggered by baby’s kicks and she sure loves the flashing lights, as well!


When we first brought Briella home, the only burp cloths we had on hand were the narrow terry cloth ones. As soon as I found the larger flannel ones, though… I stocked up! They cover a lot more surface area which is handy when you have no idea where spit-up might land.


715Rqk3RlHL._SY450_We received several of these as gifts (in addition to a ton of other types and brands of pacifiers). We’ve given Briella at least 4 or 5 different types of pacifiers and these are the only ones she seems to like. She will spit the others out in a matter of seconds, but will keep these ones in long enough to actually pacify herself.


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